[ports-i386@pointyhat.freebsd.org: linux-glib2-2.4.8 pkg-plist errors on i386 4]

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Tue Nov 29 15:23:03 GMT 2005

Boris Samorodov <bsam at ipt.ru> wrote:

>> P.S. FYI: the patch is missing a portrevision bump.
> At one of my previous PRs with small patches I wrote that I'm not sure
> if a portrevision should be bumpted. You didn't comment on it. Bit now
> I know. Thanks.

Oh, sorry.

The rule is: if the package changes (which is the case with a plist change),
we have to bump the version number (since the original software doesn't
change, but the port changes, we have to bump PORTREVISION).


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