kqemu speed up

Andriy Gapon avg at icyb.net.ua
Fri Nov 4 10:18:21 PST 2005

on 04/11/2005 17:26 Dan Nelson said the following:
> Maybe something to do with reading /dev/random ends up doing an
> operation that even kqemu must pass up to the host OS?  kqemu simply
> allows more host instructions to be processed by the host CPU directly
> without translation (since regular qemu is simply a very fast x86
> instruction emulator).  If you were to compare an application that
> spends most of its time in userland, you should see more of an
> improvement.

yes, this seems to be completely the case - I time-d several different
programs and in almost all cases user times seem to be quite close
between guest and host, but sys times are magnitudes different. Makes
one wonder what is going on in kernel land :-)

Andriy Gapon

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