patch for unbreaking wine on freebsd (with the patch!!!!)

jean-marc DETREZ jm.detrez at
Mon May 30 11:04:46 PDT 2005


I'm currently testing a patch I've made for unbreaking wine on FreeBSD.I'ts
seems that like other OS a call to mmap() return not always the desired
address range.


For NetBSD it appears that a special function was compiled "try_mmap_fixed"
who call mmap with MAP_FIXED after verifying that the memory address is


I'm use this function to Create Heap System at base address 0x80000000 , I
didn't always use that function for all calls to mmap because it seems that
cause performance issues.


  I made a little correction of  "try_mmap_fixed" because it's seems to me
that the function didn't really test the result (vec).


What do you think of that, if it work for all (emulation at could
you test) could you insert it in the future wine release?



Don't miss to give me feedback, I've a few more patch to send.





The patch is for libs/wine/mmap.c

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