Question about RPM?

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Jun 2 06:53:24 PDT 2005

Dan Swartzendruber <dswartz at> wrote:

> I'm running a 5.3 headless server.  I had been using amanda for tape 
> backup, but decided to try out arkeia.  Unfortunately, they don't 
> seem to support FreeBSD, so I thought I'd try it under linux 
> emulation.  I installed the linux_based-rh-9 port, and that seemed to 
> go fine.  I confirmed that the requisite KLDs were loaded.

The current default linux_base is linux_base-8. So you're using a non-default

> Unfortunately, if I try to install the arkeia RPM (with the usual 
> 'rpm -ivh arkeiaXXXX.rpm' incantation), it gives me a raft of 
> warnings about various shared libraries being needed, as well as 
> /bin/sh.  I don't recall seeing any errors during either the build or 
> the install of the base package, so I'm mystified as to why the 
> installation of that rpm failed.  Any thoughts?

You forgot to tell us how you exactly tried to install it (cut&paste of the
command line) and you forgot to cut&paste the error messages in your mail.


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