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Tue Aug 16 10:15:56 GMT 2005

MS-KILA <msKila at> wrote:

> anyway.  i'm wanting to do some voice chatting with some folks.  
> after much grumbling and resentment, i got linux-mozilla up with it's 
> version of flash.  now i can, at least, get into the chat room. 
> however, attempting to use the mic gives me "linux: 'ioctl' 
> fd=[29,32,33,34], cmd=0x4dfd ('M', 253) not implemented" errors 
> everytime i access the mic settings property in the chat room 
> (flashchat).  i'm really not sure where to start looking, although 
> i've been looking all over the place; x11, xfce, forums, 
> pipermail forums, google.  and i'm not even sure which linux site to 
> start with!
> maybe i'm not using quite the correct mixer? (xfce4-mixer)  should i 
> use one of the other sound drivers?  (alsa, arts, esd?)  (pcm and 
> oss)  or do i not have enough linux emulation installed?

You have to use OSS based sound code (so: no alsa). The error message is a
report from the FreeBSD kernel that there's no support for this ioctl. The
right support forum for this is emulation at

So you have to find someone who is willing to
- lookup what this ioctl is supposed to do
- write code for the FreeBSD kernel to support it (I assume less than 100
lines of code needed, but I may be wrong...)


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