New /dev/rtc driver for vmware

Charles N. Owens charles.n.owens at
Tue Jan 27 08:10:10 PST 2004


Thanks for you work on this!

I have a few minor questions:

   1. how tricky will it be to get device node cloning to work (item #2
      on your todo list)?  Any idea when this might happen?
   2. Does your new rtc work well under FreeBSD 4.x (4.9 to be
      specific)?  With 4.x can it be used with multiple guests right
      now?  (via manual mknod'ing of additional /dev/rtc* entriies, I'm


Mike Silbersack wrote:

>On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Marco Trentini wrote:
>>So, updating the port vmware (last version) and rtc (your version) not
>>only I don't get more the panic at shutdown phase but I've seen a lot of
>>improvements in my Virtual Machine.
>>Now the audio/video (as .mp3 and .mpg) are very fluid. When I worked
>>without the rtc module, the audio/video were unusable because them were
>>reproduced jerkily.
>>I've also noted a general improvement on the rapidity to run
>>A positive vote for me :)
>>I run vmware on FreeBSD RELEASE-5.2 with "options HZ=1500" in my kernel
>>and my virtual machine is a Windows 2000 Pro with SP4.
>>Many thanks.
>>Marco Trentini                mark at
>I'm glad it's working well, but to be honest, it's not working correctly!
>I just discovered that the way I wrote it, it will only work properly at
>HZ=1000.  I'll post the updated file once I have fixed it, which should be
>Actually, I should rephrase that... the way I wrote it, anything over
>hz=1000 should work relatively well, but anything under hz=1000 would have
>serious timing issues.
>Of course, I'd still appreciate it if people would continue testing...
>just keep the hz setting near 1000.  (I haven't found any other bugs yet.)
>Mike "Silby" Silbersack
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