FreeBSD linux apps can not access mounted netware volumes

Stefan Farrenkopf sfarren at
Wed Feb 25 01:48:21 PST 2004


I forgot to mention an important observation :(
I am really sorry about that and I will add it now:

Even if acroread and other linux apps do not see into the NetWare mounts:
if I navigate with a file browser like nautilus into the netware volumes
it's always possible to select a *.pdf file and to open it with
the open dialog or with "acroread <filename>" from the command line. But
with linux-mozillafirebird it is not possible to do the same thing with
*.html documents (maybe I have a syntax problem with that?).

AND: if I save a file and I select a deeper link into the Netware tree 
(which appears also emtpy in the save dialog), I can write the file into 
that directory with acroread, but I get a message "invalid path" from 
Mulberry. Otherwise I can go to one of my NetWare Volumes and "cd" into a 
random directory. When I start Mulberry from the command line and set it's 
initial directory path to a directory inside of the mounted NetWare 
Volumes, it creates a new directory (.mulberry) there which contains a new 
preferences file. So Mulberry is able to create files in the NetWare 
Volumes in general!

This fact points to a problem with the linux compat layer(?)
Anyway, I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much!

best wishes,

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