[emulation] Wine-20041201

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at pfeifer.com
Sat Dec 25 02:12:46 PST 2004

On Fri, 24 Dec 2004, Frans-Jan v. Steenbeek wrote:
> I have been working lately to provide our company with a "Terminal 
> Service"-like solution using FreeBSD (5.3-STABLE). Since we have to use a 
> software suite only available on windows (AccountView 6.1, based on Visual 
> Foxpro) I have worked it all out using Wine-20040505. Anything after this 
> release is reported to fail, but I have heard rumors that 20041201 is 
> working, albeit by patching the kernel.

20041201 is working, and doing so without patching the kernel.

> So, are these rumors true? What should I do to get it running, and what 
> are the consequences?

cd ports/emulators/wine ; make ; make install

I wouldn't claim 20041201 to be perfect on FreeBSD, but there have been
several positive reports on FreeBSD 5.3 (and anything between 20040505
and 20041201 definitely was broken).

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