VMware3 on recent 5.2-CURRENT

Sean Welch Sean_Welch at alum.wofford.org
Thu Apr 1 13:27:29 PST 2004

I am running vmware3 without issue under both a patched
4.9-RELEASE and 5.2.1-RELEASE.  You have not mentioned
two items which are needed for it to work properly so I'll
ask about them:

Have you set sysctl kern.ipc.shm_allow_removed 1 ?
Have you either done a kldload aio ?

I've got that second compiled into my kernel with a line
like this:

options         VFS_AIO                 #Needed for vmware3

I noticed your kernel config doesn't have this line.
The sysctl is set in /etc/sysctl.conf at boot for me.

Are you missing either or both of the above?  That could
be your problem...


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