FreeBSD linux apps can not access mounted netware volumes

Stefan Farrenkopf sfarren at
Thu Apr 1 03:35:45 PST 2004


thanks Juergen. Unfortunately there is no home directory and no sub 
directories under /usr/compat/linux which can be removed.
I hope that this problem will be solved when I switch to 5.x some day, like 
the random sudden freezes of the complete OS :(

best wishes,

--On Saturday, March 27, 2004 16:37:10 +0100 Juergen Lock 
<nox at> wrote:

> In article <29370000.1077528903 at> you write:
>> Hello,
>> (I hope this is the appropriate group, I posted the question already to
>> "questions" and to some news groups.)
>> I mount two NetWare shares within /etc/fstab at my FreeBSD desktop
>> (using  mount_nwfs) and I
>> noticed in the past that linux applications like mulberry, acroread,
>> etc.  can not access
>> these volumes. Instead they show an empty directory at the mount point
>> and  nothing below.
>> Now I found that linux-mozilla-firebird (which is not my default
>> browser)  is also not
>> able to access these shares, but it reports a permission problem:
>> "You don't have the permissions necessary to view this directory"
>> The permissions are set to 755 for all directories and to 644 for all
>> files down the complete hierarchy. Owner and group are my local
>> user:group.
>> These are the lines from my /etc/fstab
>> /SERVER:USER/user /home/sfarren/.NW/user nwfs rw,noauto,\
>> -A=SERVER 0 0
>> /SERVER:USER/data   /home/sfarren/.NW/data nwfs rw,noauto,\
>> -A=SERVER 0 0
>> My colleagues with Linux boxes use ncpmount and do not encounter any
>> problems with the NetWare shares. All application which run FreeBSD
>> native  have full access to the mounted NetWare volumes
> I could be wrong, but this sounds like you have empty directories
> under /compat/linux/home/sfarren/.NW... (or under /usr/compat/linux,
> depending on your system).  That would at least explain this behaviour,
> because corresponding directories there are picked up before the real
> ones by the linuxulator.  So the fix would be to just rmdir them...
>  HTH,
> 	Juergen

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