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Wed Jan 4 08:00:30 UTC 2012

Am 04.01.2012 um 05:24 schrieb Adrian Chadd:

> Hi,
> Take a look at:
> You have one commit messages but multiple things:
> * You've added 'pinon', which lets you set a default output value. I
> know at least one board required it for enabling USB power, why's the
> tplink need it?

Yes, the TL-WR3420 and TL-WR3220 use GPIO 6 to control power to the USB. (That info is in the commit message for that change to ar71xx_gpio.c)

> * Why'd you flip on bit 13 in the AR91xx GPIO function register? And
> comment out the USB led device?

Sorry, ignore my changes to TP-WR1043ND{.hints} that's just me playing around.  (I've taken the soldering iron to my WR1043ND and added an SD-Card socket to the SPI bus, using GPIO 1 as SPI_CS2, that's why the pin definitions have changed.  There's no driver for MMC/SD in SPI mode, but maybe I can fix that some other time. :-)

> * You also changed the delay to three and commented it out. :-)

Yes, that is intentional:  I'm back to the original iicbb.c code; we might want to add the delay hint to it, but it's not strictly necessary.

> Some of this may need to be thrown back in -HEAD. So, can you provide
> some more background info so I can see what needs to be merged back?
> :)

That is my plan, give me a few days to untangle all the changes and package them up nicely.


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