Google Summer of Code

Erik Sallmann erik.sallmann at
Thu Mar 31 09:40:24 UTC 2011


I'm a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg,
Germany. I'm studying computer engineering and would like to
participate in gsoc2011.
I'm especially interested in your embedded project of creating a "NAND
Flash driver support". Originally, I wanted to apply at the NetBSD
Project and suggest to port it to a new plattform (SheevaPlug). But as
I've seen there's already a lot of code in the CVS and as it's not
possible to run any of the BSDs from flash, I would like to apply for
this project. It would still be a necessary contribution to the efforts
of porting them to the SheevaPlug.
I would like to discuss this Project in my diploma thesis.
So what i need to know is whether it's still an undone task and whether
it would be enough work to cover it in a thesis. And as I've already
written to "imp" and he told me that he doesn't have time this year, i
would be very grateful if someone could be my mentor.

Kind regards


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