Linksys NSLU2 attempt

M. Warner Losh imp at
Wed May 28 15:16:32 UTC 2008

In message: <483D756B.50403 at>
            Bruce M Simpson <bms at> writes:
: M. Warner Losh wrote:
: > : Can you point at this stuff? I had a look in freebsd-imp and arm but 
: > : didn't see anything that jumped out at me.
: >
: > Right, they are in the p4 tree on my laptop right now...
: >   
: Care to share? :-)

Sure...  lemme generate some diffs...

: > : It would be very cool to get stuff up on this NSLU2 because then I can 
: > : start to think about things like MTD, flash, etc.
: >
: > MTD and flash are the same thing.  And we have a driver for them in
: > the tree now, but I've not tried to write a bridge drive for the
: > xscale.
: >   
: I see there are already some drivers for low level access to the whole 
: flash device.
: The distinction: I was referring to the Linux model for flash 
: partitioning; I'm thinking GEOM is the way to go here. It would be good 
: to have MTD support so FreeBSD can be dropped on top of existing devices 
: which have supported Linux.



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