How to purchase a Marvell ARM Board?

Rafal Jaworowski raj at
Fri Jun 6 18:30:18 UTC 2008

Sean Bruno wrote:
> While at FreeBSD CAN, I sat in on the awesome ARM presentations(Rafal 
> Jaworowski) and was excited to locate and find a vendor who sells it.  I
> have come up with zero leads.
> Does anyone have a contact or source to purchase devel or eval boards?

Hi Sean,

I'm not sure what are the channels, through which Marvell sells their eval
systems, but can ask and get back. As a side note: there's a couple of
consumer devices with Orion chips in them (D-Link 615 rev A1, Linkstation),
which FreeBSD can run on, but this isn't probably what you really wanted, right?


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