named on NanoBSD

Sean Bruno sbruno at
Sat Feb 16 21:03:12 UTC 2008

Jed Clear wrote:
> I just finished enabling a caching DNS server on a NanoBSD based 
> platform.  I'm not sure if or how I can save all the changes to the 
> /cfg partition.
> If I were to create /cfg/namedb/named.conf et al., would the boot 
> process that copies out of /cfg respect that /etc/namedb is a sym link 
> and put it it /var/named/etc/namedb?  Is the copy process even 
> recursive such that it can handle subdirectories of /cfg?
> For that matter where does the copy process from /cfg actually occur?  
> I spent some time with grep and strings looking for "cfg" in /etc and 
> /boot to no avail.  Must be "magic".
> Since my config changes will be relatively static, I'm going to build 
> a new image with an updated /var/named, but still would like to find 
> out the answers to the above.
> Thanks,
> -Jed 
Check out /conf on your disk.  It's where the defaults are placed.

Whenever I copy stuff into /cfg, it is copied to /etc including directories.


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