Best FreeBSD version for NanoBSD on an old SBC

Matthew Smith matt at
Tue Dec 30 03:37:48 UTC 2008

Hi Folks

I am putting together a machine to act as a GPS-disciplined time server 
(NTPd with kernel PPS) and acquire data from my 1-Wire weather system 

The hardware I have to hand are a Pentium SBC with 16Mb RAM and a 12Gb 
laptop disc.

I assume that the best OS to put on this would be NanoBSD but was 
wondering if there was a specific version of FreeBSD that would be best 
to base it on.  (Recent experience with a certain other Unix-like OS has 
taught me that newer versions suck with older hardware; I don't know if 
this is the case with FreeBSD.)

I can get away with putting a bigger disc on although I don't 
particularly want to as this would cause issues with the power supply. 
(Using a vehicle power supply so that I can run it on float-charged gel 
cells.)  The RAM, however, can't go any bigger.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.



Matthew Smith
Smiffytech - Technology Consulting & Web Application Development

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