STR9104 ARM system available

Bruce Simpson bms at
Tue Dec 23 13:46:11 UTC 2008

[Mail to embedded I'm not subscribed to freebsd-arm]


I have been collating my bits, and I have an Emprex p2p Download Engine 
NAS-100 available.
Cash flow is king at the moment, but I'd rather donate it than go to the 
trouble of selling it on.

The STR9104 is a low power ARM-based system-on-chip.  Cavium acquired 
Star, and sent links to Linksys GPL source tarballs.
These contain some but not all of the story.

As documented in earlier threads on this list, it is possible to crack 
into the boot loader by deliberately corrupting the flash environment 

There is also a guy working on pushing support for this SoC into Linux 
2.6; link not to hand, easily searchable on the web.

Let me know if you're interested in working on getting FreeBSD onto this 
platform, and I can send this box to you.


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