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Greg Lewis glewis at
Wed Jun 30 04:58:37 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 06:57:16PM +0200, Thomas Gellekum wrote:
> Greg Lewis <glewis at> writes:
> > Does anyone know of a showstopper that would prevent us from updating the
> > current eclipse (3.4.2 IIRC) to what is currently in eclipse-devel (3.5.2)?
> >
> > If not then I'd propose to do that once the code freeze is over so that
> > eclipse-devel can be used for people to work on 3.6.0.
> Well, my preference would actually be to ultimately have Helios (3.6.x)
> as the default port, eclipse. It is the current release after all.
> For people who still need Galileo (3.5.x) I'd like the current
> eclipse-devel repo-copied to eclipse35 or eclipse-galileo. You could
> even do that for Ganymede (eclipse -> eclipse34 or eclipse-ganymede),
> which eliminates any showstoppers. Unless someone is actually working on
> an e4 port, eclipse-devel should then be IGNOREd (all IMHO, my 2c, ...).
> Of course, this could be done in several smaller steps, similar to what
> you suggested above, so we can try out Helios in eclipse-devel for a
> short while not breaking the default port.
> I realize this is quite a bit more work than your proposal, but I think
> it's a good rule to have the current release as the default port.

That is the idea.  Copy eclipse-devel to eclipse to get that more up to date.
Test out 3.6 in eclipse-devel then copy it over as well.

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