CDT + eclipse-devel

Kenton Varda temporal at
Sun Jul 25 12:59:32 UTC 2010


I'm sending this to the mailing list in the hopes that it will help the next
poor guy that tries to do this.

I've installed eclipse-devel (Eclipse 3.5) on FreeBSD 8.1.  I wanted CDT,
but unfortunately the eclipse-cdt port is for the non-devel eclipse package
(Eclipse 3.4).  So, I installed CDT 6 through the plugin installer dialog.
 No errors were reported, and Eclipse claimed that the CDT was installed,
but none of the features of CDT seemed to actually load.  Try as I might, I
could not find any information whatsoever as to why they failed.  There was
nothing in the plugin error log, nothing in any of Eclipse's other logs,
etc.  It simply ignored the plugin.

It appears that the problem is that there are a couple of things in CDT that
are native code (not Java), so they need to be compiled specifically for
FreeBSD.  If they are missing, CDT just doesn't load.  Luckily, it seems
these things don't change much -- I was able to pull the binaries directly
out of the freebsd eclipse-cdt package even though it is CDT 3.1.2.

mkdir temp
cd temp
tar xf eclipse-cdt.tbz
cp -rv eclipse/plugins/*freebsd*

Started up Eclipse again, and suddenly CDT is happy and working!  YES!
 (Hopefully this isn't going to blow up in my face later...)

Thanks for the port!


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