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Oops.  Sorry for the double negative.  The second "wouldn't" should have
been a "would".  That should teach me to try and write something
intelligible when my daughters are running around like banshees.  ;-)


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On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 12:34:15PM -0700, Ware, Ryan R wrote:
> Let's get this discussion on its own thread.  The questions I have are:
> *       Do any of the plugin ports add significant functionality for
> FreeBSD?

After a quick look through all the eclipse-* ports, none of them seem to do
anything FreeBSD-specific.  Only eclipse-cdt has patches.  CDT had a few
minor tweaks that should probably be pushed upstream.  Don't forget that
there are other eclipse plugins not in the java directory (I only know of

> *       Do we want to be in the business of maintaining ports for each
> and every Eclipse plugin?

Absolutely not, if it can be helped.

> Regardless, one problem with porting CDT
> to the latest version for 3.3.x is that they no longer keep snapshots
> available via FTP.  They are only available via svn.  I imagine that
> ports has a way of dealing with that, but I haven't seen an example yet.

There are examples; just make the port have a build dependency on
subversion and do a checkout on a specific rev.  This may be the only way
to get the source for some plugins.

> Second, I wouldn't think the FreeBSD community wouldn't want to be in
> the business of keeping ports for each potential Eclipse plugin.  That

I'm confused by your double negative.  I would say that we want to minimize
the number of ports and rely upon eclipse's plugin mechanism for the rest.
In the past I've had troubles with their upgrades, but any problems we find
should be fixed and pushed upstream.

-- Rick C. Petty
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