Eclipse 3.4 / Ganymede

Mike Bowie mbowie at
Fri Jun 20 18:32:53 UTC 2008

Good day all,

Couldn't help but notice that 3.4 is only five days away from release; 
which should (more or less) mean that the current RC4 is what they're 
going to roll with.

Has anyone had a dabble in building the 3.4 branch yet?  I may have a 
look-and-see this afternoon.  If someone else already has progress, it'd 
be swell not to duplicate it. ;-)

In a similar topic... what will / would we do with 3.4 when / if it 
becomes suitable for the ports tree?  Replace the current eclipse-devel 
with it or are we looking to maintain multiple -devel versions?  (Etc etc)

Best from balmy So-cal,


"You don't see FreeBSD developers sitting in a smoke-filled room 
plotting the overthrow of Microsoft. We sit in light, airy rooms and 
plot where to get the best drinks." - Michael Lucas

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