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Stephane E. Potvin sepotvin at
Mon Aug 4 18:38:29 UTC 2008

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A port of Eclipse Ganymede can be found at the following location:

The port should be working for both x86 and amd64 platforms. Just untar
the file into "${PORTSDIR}/java". It will create an "eclipse-ganymede"
directory. The port can cohabit with eclipse and eclipse-devel.

I've modified a few of the original patches in order to make them (I
hope) more easily acceptable upstream in case someone wants to try to
have them integrated into the main Eclipse project.

There's a few rough edges in the way I handled the building of the
native libraries and I might fix this up in the future if I ever get
some more free time to work on this. But, I would not be unhappy to have
someone else fix it.

gpatch is needed to handle some of the patches as the line length is
greater than 4096 characters (the upper limit for the patch in the base

firefox is now working as the embedded browser. I've not tested with
xulrunner or any other one but I've left them there if somebody wants to
give it a try. I've not tested disabling the other various knobs either
so some work might be needed in this area if someone really needs it.

The ports requires Java 1.6 and I've not made any effort to implement
the support for Java 1.5. It's probably not hard to add it back if it's
deemed really necessary.

Don't hesitate to ping me if anything is not working properly.

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