Eclipse-Europa Web-browser

Mike Bowie mbowie at
Tue Sep 11 20:00:10 PDT 2007

Daniel Rucci wrote:
> Ken Yamada wrote:
>>   I'm not familiar with this, but from your error message, I created a patch and it seemingly make external browser -firefox- run.
>>   They are reflected to the
> Yes, This works for me, I'm able to open an HTML file using the
> "Internal Web Browser" option.
> included kens patch in a .tgz which  also contains the portlint related
> fixes as well as Mikes patch.
> Thanks Ken!
>>  [snipped]
No offense, but might I suggest amending the patch so as not to break 
Linux compatibility?  If there's hope of getting FreeBSD consideration 
(even partially) into the release build, I think it would be more 
politically correct for the patches to merge cleanly and safely with the 
existing source tree.

Obviously this doesn't just apply to this patch in particular, but it 
did remind of the fact.

This shouldn't have any bearing on the addition to the ports tree, but 
does come back to the "making this easier in the future" thing.

Is anyone up for presenting this work to the Eclipse team?  Are Ken and 
Dan (and anyone else with a hand in this) happy for their work to be 



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