eclipse 3.3.0

Ken Yamada ken at
Sun Sep 9 22:32:05 PDT 2007


  It does not run with jdk1.5.0 - it generates "Bad version number in .class file" error.  So, we'd better include JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.6.0 in

  I reflected your patch, the above and eliminating unnecessary working files to my eclipse-europa-dan.tgz and confirmed that it works at

  Instruction.html and "Building the Eclipse executable from the eclipse SDK download:" does not tell much about how we can automate it unfortunately.  "features/eclipse.equinox.executable" is a newly organized hierarchy and build.xml looks not fully incorporate this change.  

  Europa updates works OK, Subclipse works OK, but JBossTools 2.0.0Beta3 does not - it seemingly falls into a long nap.  (My driver of eclipse 3.3 is JBossTools, so it is very unfortunate personally .....)

  I have no problem with Greg's suggestion - put it to eclipse-devel, and you may use the file freely with Dan's concent however eclipse 3.4M1 is already there and we may better find a good strategy to chase this rapidly evolving creature.

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