eclipse 3.3.0

Mike Bowie mbowie at
Sat Sep 8 13:42:34 PDT 2007

Mike Bowie wrote:
> Ken Yamada wrote:
>>   Sorry one more...
>>   The instruction says;
>>      :                 :                    :
>> # In the build.xml
>>     * update the compilelibs property in the init target to reflect 
>> the new architecture
>>     * update the compilelibs target to reflect the new architecture
>> # Run the build using "build -compilelibs" to force the recompilation 
>> of the native libaries
>>      :                 :
>>   However, I cannot find any <property name="compilelibs" ...> in 
>> original build.xml in the top directory.
>>   What should I do for this?
> Evening all,
> My (rather rushed) attempt at building under diablo-jdk1.5 was not 
> successful... I didn't really look into it though, as my fresh jdk1.6 
> build finished about the same time; which was of significantly greater 
> interest.
> I managed to build the port at it stands on a machine at the office and 
> here at home, (6.2R and 6.1-RC1 respectively) both to the point of 
> displaying the loader error Ken reported earlier.  A quick google found 
> me a few similar problems and copying the loader library from the build 
> to the install seemed to progress things a little.  I was about to post 
> my findings when I received Ken's musings, which made mine rather 
> insignificant! ;-)
> Responding to your last point Ken, so far I'd have to agree... I can't 
> find more than two instances of compilelibs in build.xml; one defining 
> the target, the other referencing it as a dependency of the "run" 
> target.  It doesn't seem to make much sense.
> I'll keep poking around with it over the weekend if I find some time.
> Cheers,
> Mike.
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I've been using the build from last night actively for about six hours 
now with the PHPeclipse plugin and it's been working very well; nothing 
unusual to report at all.

Perhaps someone with a bit more Java knowledge can comment on the 
warnings generated and someone closer to the Eclipse release team might 
be able to resolve the confusion with build.xml.  (Although I'm still 
asking around and digging.)  It may just be that the file wasn't updated 
to reflect changes for the 3.3 release... the verbiage between the 3.2 
and 3.3 versions is almost identical, except version numbering.

All in all, I'd have to say congratulations to Ken and Dan for a 
successful port!  I'll be running it on both my work machines and will 
report in if anything comes up... and will keep an eye on the list.

Nice work chaps!



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