eclipse 3.3.0

Mike Bowie mbowie at
Fri Sep 7 11:53:13 PDT 2007

First up, thanks to Ken and Dan for getting this port started... nice 
work chaps!

I've been playing with Ken's eclipse-europa-dan port for the last couple 
of days and haven't had a lot of joy so far... it might just be my 
environments, but here are the notes from the two hosts I've tested with:

- Ant seems to be unable 'exec' under jdk1.6.0... a separate issue, but 
certainly the one I've burnt most of my time on!

- After installing diablo-jdk- from ports, I'm getting ~ 70 
errors in the build. This is where I'm at now, sifting through and 
seeing what's failing where.

Clearly, nothing to contribute thus far, but certainly very interested 
to see if others have seen anything similar.



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