eclipse 3.3.0

Daniel Rucci dan at
Mon Aug 27 17:57:58 PDT 2007

Heres what I've come up with. contains the port and my error log from
building. My build currently fails in plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.compiler.tool

It looks like its a problem related to the ant build file

Some notes on how porting 3.3 differs from 3.2

There seems to be a lot more platform specific stuff in the ant build
files(.xml) as well as the file hierarchy (as  Ken already pointed out).

127 .xml (ant build files) mention linux in 3.2.2, its now 154 for 3.3
78 .java -> 81
61 files/folders -> 110

I had a problem with update-patches and some of the eclipse
directories.. Posted it on ports@ but haven't gotten a response..

If anyone has a solution for this it would help.


Ken Yamada wrote:
>   Is there any progress in porting eclipse 3.3 so far?
>   I am struggling at it without any success yet. And I would like to have any support/help from others - it is somewhat beyond my knowledge....
>   Some I noticed are;
>   1) It requires jdk1.6.0 - jdt compilation fails with jdk1.5.0.
>   2) file organization has changed somewhat.
>       features/org.eclipse.platform.launchers disappeared.
>       features/org.eclipse.equinox.executable coming up.
>       etc...
>   Although it has quite a problem - can't complete compilation, you'll find that I am using for porting for those who have interests in porting eclipse 3.3.0.
>   I hope that gurus in the community accelerate the porting work.
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