anyone working on Eclipse 3.2?

Panagiotis Astithas past at
Thu Apr 27 07:23:12 UTC 2006

Georg-W. Koltermann wrote:
> I wanted to take a peek at Eclipse 3.2(RC), but when I run it with the
> Linux jdk 1.5 I soon get a core dump :-(
> So, is anyone already working on a FreeBSD native version? Any
> preliminary work that you could share?

I'm planning to do it eventually, if no one beats me to it (which I 
would really appreciate :-)). My usual strategy, is to copy eclipse over 
to eclipse-devel, modify the distfile and version stuff and keep the 
patch files. Then it is a boring sequence of make patch -> error -> redo 
the patch that failed. I believe some of our patches may no longer be 
necessary, like manualpatch-plugins-swt-gtk-os_custom.h and 
manualpatch-plugins-swt-cairo-library. After our current patches apply 
correctly, there is a new sequence of make -> error -> create new patches.

I hope that helps.



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