Kernel panic of "spin lock held too long"

KGB e01630112a at
Sun Jun 27 05:54:04 UTC 2010

Hi John Baldwin:
      Thank you for your reply!
      Yes,I use an interrupt handler in my driver module and use a filter function. In the filter function,I call the __zt_transmit_chunk function which defined in the zaptel module(name zaptel.ko).
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On Friday 25 June 2010 9:56:13 am KGB wrote:
> I met the kernel dump again.The message is below.

Do you use any interrupt handlers?  If so, are you using a filter function?

Also, you can use the 'tid' command in kgdb to switch to a thread via a tid to 
avoid having to search for a 'tid' in info threads.

John Baldwin

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