hdaps (accelerator) driver for thinkpads

Tobias Kirschstein lev at nupfel.de
Thu Apr 17 21:16:26 UTC 2008

hi tofig,

On Sun, 6 Apr 2008 14:10:20 +0500
"Tofig Suleymanov" <tofig at freebsd.az> wrote:

> sorry for being so late.

i'm sorry too. have been on vacation for the last weeks and had no time
to check my email.

> Looking at accelraw_dev.c around line 128 I've noticed that you do not
> initialize the mutex before acquiring a lock with mtx_lock. I've made
> a simple patch which adds a mtx_init before locking operations. Please
> download it to your accel source root directory from here
> http://www.freebsd.az/other/accel.patch and execute: patch <
> accel.patch

thank you very much for your help! your patch showed me where the error
really was. i forgot to init the mutex in the accel_attach() function,
because the old lock was destroyed after exiting accel_probe()...
now all devices seem to work fine :)

> I can confirm that accelgraph display tool and X mouse interface are
> working. X mouse movement seem to be too sensitive though.

yes you are right, i adjusted the default sensitivity and the mouse is
very smoothy now ;)
i also plan to have a sysctl for this or is there any default location
for general mouse device sensitivity?

now here you can find the current snapshot location:


there is also a svn repository, but this is not public at the moment
(will be soon):


my next step will be to improve the shock detection algorithm and to
implement instant hard drive head parking... let's see what i get
done, every help is welcome :)

happy testing!


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