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Tom Evans tevans.uk at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 14 10:07:36 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-04-13 at 10:32 +0800, paul pang wrote:
> I have 20071102-freebsd-wpi.tar.gz install  successfully but this is the ifconfig message

I wouldn't use some ancient snapshot of wpi. There have been significant
reliability and performance improvements made to the driver in
CURRENT/RELENG_7 . If you are running 7.0, update to RELENG_7.

> wpi0: flags=8803<UP,BROADCAST,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
>         ether 00:13:02:bf:92:f8
>         media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (autoselect)
>         status: no carrier
>         ssid "" channel 1 (2412 Mhz 11b)
>         authmode OPEN privacy OFF txpower 50 bmiss 7 scanvalid 60 bintval 0
> Note that: no carrier.
> and dmesg stated
> wpi0: <Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG> mem 0xd8000000-0xd8000fff irq 17 at device 0.0 on pci3
> bus_dmamem_alloc failed to align memory properly.
>   ................
> bus_dmamem_alloc failed to align memory properly.
> While i have this in my loader.conf 
> if_ath_load["YES"
> if_wpi_load="YES"
> wlan_load="YES"
> wlan_wep_load="YES"
> wlan_ccmp_load="YES"
> wlan_tkip_load="YES"
> legal.intel_wpi.license_ack=1
> wpifw_load="YES"
> but why it still ask me to set the license?

The bus_dmamem_alloc messages are harmless. Have you rebooted since
adding legal.intel_wpi.license_ack=1 to boot loader.conf? Is it in your
kernel environment? 
  kenv | grep wpi

If it isn't, unload the modules, and do
  kenv legal.intel_wpi.license_ack=1

I'd also strongly recommend moving to a version that has wpi by default
- ie RELENG_7 - and re-report any problems you have. It is quite likely
that it will work much more smoothly with these fixes, which are on
RELENG_7 and not RELENG_7_0.

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_7)
    sys/dev/wpi          if_wpi.c if_wpireg.h if_wpivar.h 
  MFC if_wpi.c r1.9-10, if_wpireg.h r1.3, if_wpivar.h r1.2
  Update wpi(4) with stability fixes
  - remove second taskqueue
  - busdma 16k alignment workaround
  - use busdma instead of external mbuf storage on Rx
  - locking fixes
  - net80211 state change fixes
  - improve scanning reliability
  - improve radio hw switch interaction
  - consolidate callouts



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