Unable to install FreeBSD 9.0 release.

gyurkasz gyurkasz at mail.datanet.hu
Fri Mar 2 11:07:55 UTC 2012

Dear Sirs,
A month ago I boght a new update desktop, furnished with IntelEM64T/ 
CPU, its motherboard Ashrock.To my astonishement and sarrow the authors 
of the new release decided beside a comletely other partitioning sceeme. 
It does not work for me  when trying to install with these quite 
insolite feature on my brand new PC. I were well aquanted  with all 
recent releases from 6.1 to 8.2 but these release interrupted all my 
former succes stream.Generaly I use toinstall for double booting 
systemes -  I install on the same HDD  beside FreeBSD  a Linux on the 
barguin.This aiding OS is necessite my weak UNIX knowledge.
What is more the process unusually cut short to appear wilthout 
grafilcal Interface or to give nothing usable system. I dont know what I 
could having made wrong.
Any one will you give me some clu on my thrive ? I remain sincerely yours

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