CfR: config chapter changes

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Feb 16 03:40:29 UTC 2012

On Wed, 15 Feb 2012, Glen Barber wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 08:24:52PM -0700, Warren Block wrote:
>>> I'm not sure this "about" should be capitalized.  I may be wrong, but I
>>> do not believe prepositions should be capitalized in titles like this
>>> unless they are the first word of the title.
>> Or, in AP style, if they are longer than four letters.
> Yes, that's what I was looking for, but my Google-fu failed.  I seem to
> recall that prepositions, even if exceeding four letters, are still not
> capitalized in AP.  I'm happy to be wrong though.

There's some reference to the various styles here:

igor kind of checks for AP title capitalization style, for no better 
reason than it seemed not too hard to program the basic rules.

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