pf firewall and ftp

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at
Mon Apr 16 02:31:18 UTC 2012

Fbsd8 wrote:
> Running 9.0 as a gateway host with pf firewall enabled.
> FTP is launched by inetd.
> Both active and passive ftp works from lan pc's to the host ftp.
> The lan ftp session can be initiated from the host or any lan pc and 
> things work because there are no rules on the lan interface except 
> single pass all rule.
> But I can not do host initiated or lan initiated ftp sessions to the 
> public internet. Get "operation not permitted" message. Tried to setup 
> ftp-proxy per openbsd pf manual without any joy.
> Looking for working rule set with nat and ftp services to study and 
> learn from.

OK I have uncovered what the problem is.
The pf version running on Freebsd 9.0 matches the version running on 
openbsd 4.5. Found it on man pf at the end.

The documentation on the Openbsd website for pf is for Openbsd 5.0 and 
it has warning saying "NOTE: This information is for OpenBSD 4.7. NAT 
configuration was significantly different in earlier versions." has more info about how back dated the 
9.0 Freebsd production version of pf is.

The Freebsd handbook had a detailed section on pf including rules 
examples matching the version of pf included with 9.0 But someone 
allowed it to be removed in the current version of the handbook.

So here we are with an outdated version of pf in the current production 
9.0 version of Freebsd and there is no documentation available on nat 
rule syntax in the handbook or at openbsd/pf.

Going to dig through the 9.0 pf man pages for the info

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