"Doing the deed" on portupgrade

Joel Dahl joel at vnode.se
Thu Apr 12 09:03:23 UTC 2012

On 12-04-2012  8:26, Chris Rees wrote:
> Hi all,
> Even since its deprecation, portupgrade has proven to be very popular
> with newcomers, which I might be inclined to blame on the fact that
> the Handbook lists it first.
> Two patches:
> http://www.bayofrum.net/~crees/patches/move-portupgrade.diff -- move
> the portupgrade section to the bottom
> http://www.bayofrum.net/~crees/patches/deprecate-portupgrade.diff --
> add a note to suggest it's a bad idea to use it.
> Rendered at http://www.bayofrum.net/~crees/rendered/portupgrade.html
> Thoughts?  Anyone want to risk approving it?

Good idea. I'd like to see Portmaster first in the list though, and not


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