HEADS UP: doc/ slush begins

Marc Fonvieille blackend at FreeBSD.org
Wed Sep 14 13:46:39 UTC 2011

2011/9/14 Doug Barton <dougb at freebsd.org>:
> On 09/09/2011 12:47, Marc Fonvieille wrote:
>> The doc tree has been tagged for 9.0-RELEASE.
> Out of curiosity, why was it tagged so early in the release process?
> Given past history it's likely we're a long ways from an actual release
> date.

Docs are now distributed via packages, so doc packages must be
committed and the distfiles propagated before the build of RELEASE
packages which occurs just before RC1.
According to the release schedule we are not so early, of course the
dates are slipping but I prefer to be conservative and ready.  I'll
try to redo a new version of doc packages before RC1 if a lot of new
valuable things are added to the doc tree and if the real schedule
allows it.


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