Doc issue for 9.0 release notes?

Glen Barber gjb at
Fri Sep 9 15:16:08 UTC 2011

Hi Steve,

On 9/9/11 10:25 AM, Steve Thompson wrote:
> According to section 2.2.5 ZFS has just been upgraded to version 14.  See:
> However, according to wikipedia's ZFS entry FreeBSD 9.0 is supposed to
> include version 28.  See
> .
> Which one is correct?

ZFS version 28 is the correct version.  Once the doc tree is tagged
(scheduled for today), this can be fixed.  Thanks for pointing this out.

> P.S. I'm really interested in knowing when FreeBSD will have version 30 that
> includes encryption.

Last I was aware, version 30 is closed-source and owned by Oracle.
Unless they release the source as Sun was doing, I doubt we will have
ZFS version 30.  (I would be happy to be told this is not true, though -
I'd love to have ZFS encryption as well.)



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