The X Window System and Virtual Consoles

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Fri Jun 3 08:27:27 UTC 2011

23.04.2011 14:52, Bohdan Zograf пишет:
> 07.04.2011 21:24, Chuck Swiger пишет:
>> On Apr 7, 2011, at 10:26 AM, MR wrote:
>>> I'm willing to translate publication located at
>>> to the Belorussian language (my mother tongue). What I'm asking for
>>> is your written permission, so you don't mind after I'll post the
>>> translation to my blog. The translation is intended only for web, no
>>> print copies planned.
>> You've already got permission-- unless indicated otherwise, the
>> FreeBSD documentation is under a BSD license. You will likely find the
>> documentation about FreeBSD's documentation, such as how to do a
>> translation and contribute it back helpful:
>> Thanks for your interest....
>> Regards,
> Hi Chuck ,
> Was a pleasure to translate this publication! It's kinda fresh and
> related to my professional interests, so I thought - why not, if the
> author allows to do so.
> Posted my Belorussian translation on
> If you don't
> mind can you publish a tiny link with a text
> <a
> href="">Belorussian
> translation</a> or whatever you feel is right.
> Thanks!

Hi Chuck,

Are you willing to publish the link to translation in any foreseeable 
future - please reply to this email yes or no (so I doen't send anything 
else, if you say no to localization)? I doen't want to steal your time 
(really), or just busy lately?

Bohdan Zograf
+(360) 488-0303

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