Add some more wireless documentation

Eitan Adler lists at
Thu Jun 2 14:22:05 UTC 2011

> When it comes to some specific wireless things and ifconfig(8) content
> it's always a good thing to find a developer involved in that domain to
> check your patches.

Also could you comment on the structure? Is the SGML correct and such?

> Regarding the Handbook changes, does it worth to add them?  I mean a
> pointer to the ifconfig(8) manual page may be a better solution and just
> mention the ones that appear in the command outputs displayed in that
> chapter.

I was thinking the reverse solution might be better. The man page could
include a brief description and/or point people to the handbook which has
a more complete explanation.

> Last remark, I don't think you should add you as author of the whole
> section for the addition of 3 sentences or we'll have to add as author
> thousand of contributors.

I had a slew of other changes to the wireless section which I removed
for this email. I forgot about the first one :-\

Eitan Adler

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