Manpage for top(1) does not descripe "io" mode.

Michael C Voorhis mvoorhis at
Sun Oct 10 00:09:03 UTC 2010


The manpage for top(1) doesn't describe the output provided by top's
"IO" mode, which is reached by running top and then pressing the "m"

Reaching IO mode is described in the manpage, but the fields therein:

VCSW (voluntary context switches)
IVCSW (invulntary ....
FAULT (page faults)
TOTAL (of what?)
PERCENT (of what?)

are described nowhere on the manpage.  The "cpu" mode appears to be
convered.  THere's even a special "FreeBSD" section at the bottom of
the manpage.

This stuff has to be described someplace (i.e., manpage for vmstat?).
A pointer to a different manpage would be better than nothing.

	Michael Voorhis (mvoorhis at
	Lab Manager, WPI Dept of Computer Science

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