An SVG version of the FreeBSD logo

Robert Andersson streambag at
Sun Oct 4 11:09:32 UTC 2009


The SVG version of the FreeBSD logo does not seem to render properly in
any software I have tried. Looking at it, it seems that is uses a bunch
of Adobe-specific extensions to SVG. This leads me to assume that it
will only work with Adobe's products.

Using Inkscape, I have made an attempt at transforming the file into
something that at least renders properly in Inkscape 0.46. Sadly,
neither Opera 10 nor Firefox 3.5 seems to render it correctly. I
don't know if that is because the file or the browsers don't follow
the SVG specification. Anyways, the file can be found here:

One of the blend modes used in the original (soft light) does not have
an equivalent in SVG. I have made an attempt to work around that fact by
using SVG filters and the formula found here:

The new version has a couple of other advantages over the original:

* In the original SVG, the blurred areas were actually rendered images,
  making it look bad when zoomed in. I don't know if the AI version
  suffers from this problem or if the AI to SVG conversion introduced
  this problem. In this version, all blurred areas are vector objects
  with a blur filter.

* The text in the original version looks really bad when zoomed in.
  Paths don't align correctly and there are a lot of discontinuities.
  That has been fixed in this version.

The file is hosted on my private broadband connection, so if someone
finds the file useful it should probably be moved to a safer place. :)

Best regards,


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