Handbook - What's Missing?

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 06:58:16 UTC 2009

Glen Barber wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Short of PRs and list posts, is there a central location to find
> documentation that may be missing (or may need updating) for the
> transition to the 8.X branch?
None I am aware of.  The major enhancements are always in the release
announcement, though not all of these call for a handbook section (and
there are other more subtle changes that may need existing sections to
be modified).

Most of the time the changes in the Handbook are introduced when someone
notices the difference and submits a question, PR or a patch.  Sometimes
even seemingly 'random' events contribute to this. As an example, some
debug messages concerning the new ufsid labels were inadvertently left
in the kernel of 7.2-RELEASE.  I would have never noticed this otherwise
(how often do you go searching in /dev?) but it resulted in the update
of this section:


(see final paragraphs below the example)

If you have a good idea of what is in the Handbook, you can probably
find some sections that need to be updated by using the betas.  For
example, trying out 8.0-BETA1 I was surprised that I could not configure
my wireless card like I always did. Then I found out about the new
virtual wifi and the changes needed in ifconfig etc. These will
definitely need to be documented in the Handbook.

A very good page to start looking is Ivan Voras' "What's cooking for
FreeBSD 8?"


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