[PATCH] Add a VirtualBox section to Handbook's 'Virtualization' chapter

Manolis Kiagias manolis at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jul 19 20:21:14 UTC 2009

Juergen Lock wrote:
>> I will start writing a section on qemu. Installation is probably easier
>> than VirtualBox, but since this is actually a command line tool, it will
>> be interesting to show a few examples on installing a guest system etc. 
>> Will then rephrase this introduction paragraph accordingly.  Will send
>> in the patch for review here when it is ready (I need to brush up a bit
>> on my qemu skills, haven't used it for a while).
> Actually I started a handbook section on qemu a while ago already, see
> this thread:
> 	http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-doc/2008-December/015248.html
>  So it was worked on, but apparently never got committed...
>  Just thought I'd mention... :)
> 	Juergen
Thanks, this patch looks very similar to what I had in mind (in fact, it
seems to be even more detailed in the networking area).  I can help with
this if loader@ doesn't have other plans.

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