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Daniel Gerzo danger at
Sat Jul 4 10:53:21 UTC 2009

Simon L. Nielsen wrote:

> I like the idea of the dropdown menu's but IMO need more polishing -
> they look rather 'raw' compared to the rest of the website now due to
> the very square boxes etc.

Nice to hear that.

> It should also be thought out a lot what belongs in each menu etc.

I know, the page I have initially posted to the list was more like PoC 
then a real implementation.

> E.g. the deveopers handbook and porters handbook link is IMO misplaced
> as it should be under documentation rather than developers menu.  Also
> developers handbook is so out of date I don't think we should be
> promoting it this much without an update to it.  A direct link to
> cvs/svnweb would be much more useful IMO.
> BTW. the foundation part could have a direct link to their donations
> page as a submenu item.

I have incorporated your ideas to the latest version (see below).

>> You replaced the "Learn More" link with the "New to FreeBSD" one
>> (pointing to newbies.html).  I'm not sure it's really interesting cause
>> newbies.html is not a page that would push people to adopt FreeBSD (just
>> have a look at it).  The current version with "Learn More" is more
>> appropriate giving some interesting informations regarding FreeBSD (it's
>> what people should get at first when they come for the very first time
>> on the page).
>> When someone arrive on the first page he mostly sees the "3 links" only,
>> the rest is for the person who spends more time on the page, so it's
>> important to keep at least "Learn More" and "Get FreeBSD Now".
> FWIW, I agree with this.
> And as I have said before, I strongly opose adding the stuff to the
> front page without removing something else (in this case the 'donation
> button' is new).

Well I took the "New to FreeBSD?" link away for now (well...I moved it 
to the drop-down menu of "About" section where it is listed as 
"Introduction"). As we had several requests to create a Donation link 
with a more prominent placement, I believe it is now better than what we 
had before.

The latest proposal can be found at

Now all the sub-pages should have the same new drop-drown menu. I have 
tested it with several browsers and the results are following:

IE6 - drop down does not work, bullets are not displayed. Besides that 
the page looks okay

IE7+, Firefox 3.0+, Chrome - works fine (dropdown menu as well as bullets)

Opera - dropdown menu works but the bullets are not displayed. Not a big 

S pozdravom / Best regards
   Daniel Gerzo, FreeBSD committer

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