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Daniel Gerzo danger at
Fri Jul 3 20:39:17 UTC 2009

Manolis Kiagias wrote:

> I think it would be nice to expose some of our pages a bit more, and
> this menu change is a good start.
> IMO, some pages are difficult to locate, i.e. the artwork page.
> Don't know if this is just a problem with the test page, but clicking on
> your menus shows me a picture like this:

That's fine, -- I only adopted /index.html (I am not going to adopt the 
whole site prior to knowing it will be accepted :)) for the new top 
navigation menu and have removed the old parts of css (which now breaks 
the menu on other pages). But that will be of course fixed and all pages 
will have the same menu as index when no-one objects against this change.

S pozdravom / Best regards
   Daniel Gerzo, FreeBSD committer

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