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To submitter: How did you install this port?  It shouldn't actually
be possible to have ended up in the situation you are in.  The port
is trying to use, which is a library from FreeBSD 6.

- If this machine used to run FreeBSD 6.x and was upgraded through
  one of the standard methods, you should still have this library, as
  it won't have been deleted.  This would only matter if the port was
  originally compiled under 6.x, and hasn't been reinstalled since the
  upgrade to 7.x.
- If this machine was upgraded from 6.x to 7.x, and the port was then
  compiled or otherwise installed, then the port should be linked
  against, the version of libc supplied with 7.x.
- If the machine was a clean install of 7.x then it will have never
  had a copy of, but that won't matter as the port should
  never have been linked against it in the first place.

The most likely cause is that you are trying to use a 6.x version of
the port on a 7.x machine, and either has been deleted, or
it never existed in the first place.

So, how did you install the port, and have you upgraded the machine

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