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so> - Create a wiki style FAQ (while still maintaining the current version of the FAQ) with a possible future plan to limit the original SGML FAQ to questions related to the way the Project works, rather than technical stuff.
so> - Maintain the current FAQ as is, and also create a wiki that will serve for the most up-to-date technical questions. Periodically, these could also be used to update the SGML version of the FAQ, or (if possible) the wiki could be converted in a way to static content so it becomes re-distributable.
so> We believe experimenting with  a wiki style FAQ (regardless of what is decided about the SGML FAQ) is a good idea, since more people will be able to get involved and the information will be much more current and useful. We also realize there maybe several drawbacks to it: 1) Not really distributable (as mentioned above) 2) Good administration will be needed so the organization of categories and content does not become 'chaotic'
so> In the light of the above, we would like to hear the community's and the committers' ideas and proposals on the above plans.

 I agree that the current FAQ in SGML includes too much stale
 information and maintaining it is hard, and we definitely need a way
 to improve it.  My thought is the following:

 - As you pointed out maintaining wiki as a good shape is time
   consuming than many expected.  Using wiki as a working place is not
   bad, but I am not for using it as the primary place which holds the

 - For making maintenance of the current FAQ easier, the following
   would be effective I think:

   a) Separate the current SGML source file into small SGML/XML files
      based on category.  Also, we may need to add more "category tag"
      (something used in a blog entry, for example) to categorize each
      item flexibly.

   b) Add "age after the last review" for each item to make it
      possible to review too old information later.  Periodic review
      should be scheduled in a way like "all items have to be younger
      than 1 year old".  SGML/XML framework can handle this sort of
      information processing easily.

   c) Add a capability of keeping view count of each item if possible.
      We need to know which item is most frequently referred.

 Do you have more specific idea for using wiki for drafting work of
 FAQ entries?  I think there is no problem if we maintain the static
 content and the wiki can encourage people to update.

| Hiroki SATO
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