Wiki style FAQ proposal

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Tue May 27 20:23:19 UTC 2008

Hey all,

Gabor Pali and myself have been translating the FAQ to Hungarian / Greek 
for some time now. During the course of this work, we noticed there is a 
lot of outdated technical info, that only applies to older outdated 
versions of FreeBSD and possibly obsolete hardware. Mark Linimon 
suggested to me there was a plan to move at least the technical info of 
the FAQ into a form that could be more easily updated, such as a wiki. 
Apparently these plans did not go forward due to lack of time. Gabor 
Kovesdan noted that a wiki is better as a developer scratchpad rather 
than real documentation and expressed the (valid) concern that a wiki 
cannot be distributed (for example on CD) like the current SGML based FAQ.

Some ideas / proposals related to the above:

- Create a wiki style FAQ (while still maintaining the current version 
of the FAQ) with a possible future plan to limit the original SGML FAQ 
to questions related to the way the Project works, rather than technical 
- Maintain the current FAQ as is, and also create a wiki that will serve 
for the most up-to-date technical questions. Periodically, these could 
also be used to update the SGML version of the FAQ, or (if possible) the 
wiki could be converted in a way to static content so it becomes 

We believe experimenting with  a wiki style FAQ (regardless of what is 
decided about the SGML FAQ) is a good idea, since more people will be 
able to get involved and the information will be much more current and 
useful. We also realize there maybe several drawbacks to it: 1) Not 
really distributable (as mentioned above) 2) Good administration will be 
needed so the organization of categories and content does not become 

In the light of the above, we would like to hear the community's and the 
committers' ideas and proposals on the above plans.

Manolis Kiagias

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