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Given you need to learn it, not just play with it, I'd recommend
starting with the hand book:

A normal desk top install would use Disc 1-3

Boot only, only boots the computer to a FreeBSD kernel where you might
do a network install or some recovery functions.

Live FS is a Live Filesystem, It may allow you to run FreeBSD with out
overwriting what ever is already on the computer by booting the computer
with it in the CD drive.

What Languages? Hum, many. Most European and Asian languages. I'm not
the one to answer that question properly.

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Hello. Shouldn't you have a newbie section on the WWW? I have no idea
is going on.


I'm a Microsoft boy but need to learn FreeBSD for a project.


Please can you let me know what these files that I downloaded actually


.         7.0-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso

o   Boot only? Does it download files from the Internet to install the
Does it allow you to repair an installation? Why is it available for
download? I have the entire 7.0 release 32-bit and would like to know
this file does.

.         7.0-RELEASE-i386-livefs.iso

o   What does "livefs" stand for (Live File System? What?)? What does
disc do?


I've seared for "what is livefs" (in quotes) and got one


It's a forum, and on the post, the guy doesn't know what it does.


Last thing, what languages does FreeBSD support? I have a specific way
organising my software and like to know what languages the system


Please can you answer the three things highlighted in orange.


Thank you for your time.


Brad Smith

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