WYSIWYG editor for DocBook?

Joe Kraft jvk-list at thekrafts.org
Tue May 6 01:12:26 UTC 2008

Bob Johnson wrote:

> On 5/5/08, Joe Kraft <jvk-list at thekrafts.org> wrote:
> [...]
>> On the topic of editors, I'm wondering if there is a good editor that
>> will
>> show a final-ish product based on the tags.  Perferably one that would
>> allow me to look at the tags directly also, but basically something that
>> I could just select the style I want it to come out in.
> [...]
> By definition, you almost cannot have a WYSIWYG editor for DocBook,
> because the final output depends on what medium (and what stylesheets)
> you create the final output for (and with).
> But I understand that's not exactly what you meant. When I worked with
> DocBook, it was pretty easy to set up a tool chain that quickly built
> output in various formats (HTML, RTF, etc.) so I could easily look at
> the results. And if I had bothered to used 'make' it probably would
> have been even easier (but that assumes you already have some comfort
> with 'make'). Not quite the real-time display implied by "WYSIWYG",
> but I found it entirely adequate.
> It helps to use an editor that understands DocBook and won't let you
> do anything not legal (and even better,  offers a list of legal
> choices when asked). I mostly used KATE (in KDE), but it doesn't do
> much -- you can do better.
> Also be aware of whether any tools you are considering are designed
> for SGML DocBook, or XML DocBook.
> - Bob

Appreciate your insight and Murray's as well.  I guess I'll jump in with one
of the text editors and hope for the best.


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